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If you are searching for a music composer, a producer, a sound engineer for your project:

I am currently available for collaborations.

  • Critical listening - attentive and analytical listening to assess and evaluate your audio recordings, mixes, or sound quality with a keen focus on details and nuances.
  • Composition / Arrangements - composition involves the creation of original music and melodies, while arrangements involve adapting or reimagining existing music by determining how various instruments and voices interact to form a complete musical piece.
  • Mixing - combining individual audio tracks or elements of your recording to create a final, balanced, and cohesive audio product.
  • Mastering - final step in audio post-production, where your completed mix is refined and optimized for distribution, ensuring a consistent and professional sound across different playback systems and formats.

Let's talk about your project!

Franskaya is friendly member of l'Ampli de Québec Franskaya is a member of Socan (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada)


Artist description

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I am a sound engineer, composer, and semi-professional producer in my spare time, based in Quebec city, Canada.

I hold a degree in audio production from Musitechnic Montreal, earned in 2015. I have dedicated seven years to the study of music theory and practice when I was a kid.

I am currently open to collaboration opportunities. My musical forte lies within the vast realm of electronic music.

I thrive in team environments, take pride in delivering high-quality work, possess a vivid imagination, embrace creativity, and am proactive, enthusiast, easy going. Constructive criticism doesn't faze me; in fact, it fuels my process. I work iteratively, refining projects incrementally.

Please reach out to me via email or Facebook and share your demo through platforms like SoundCloud. This will pave the way for a productive discussion about your project.

As a first step, I recommend exploring my work under the pseudonym Franskaya, which serves as a showcase of my capabilities. It's worth noting that I can adapt to your preferred style.

For more insights into who I am, don't hesitate to get in touch or to read this blog post that gets deeper into who I am.

My rates are reasonable, and I'm open to royalties revenue-sharing arrangements, depending on your capacity and preferences.




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